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Education is the key to success in any walk of life, but it can be gained in many different ways. Learning from reading books and documents has been the main method, coupled with reinforcement in a classroom environment has dominated our learning process. But in recent times vocational training has been shown to provide equally if not better value to the person receiving this. Vocational education was seen as the acceptable route for those people who were not academics! Let us dispel that myth, vocational actually means work related so you are learning the skills not only by being taught, but actually doing them as well to compound the written text. It provides people with practical on the job skills and underpins the knowledge learnt to understand how to use these skills efectively.

At UKTA we are progressive in the way we run our service and our courses and therefore have spend many years understanding how to provide information to help people to trade the markets correctly and profitably. It should also cover all situations, because with modern life as it is, which is often hectic and restrictive on time to learn new skills, then it needs to be as flexible as possible. To compound this how many courses are there available with companies who are more interested in making money from you, than the actual content it provides, or the suitability to what the person needs. With these key goals in mind we have structured our training courses to provide exactly what a budding trader needs.

In all the time we have been providing trading education the one key item that comes over from our students is very clear. Please teach us how to make money trading the markets, we dont want to be trading experts we want to be experts in making money from trading. This has therefore been the foundation of all the courses we deliver and turns on it's head most trading courses provided on the internet. If you are looking for very academic training on all the basics and grounding as a purist trader then these are not the courses for you. Our training is based around making money from trading the markets correctly and succesfully.

The courses have been split into four different catagories from basic to advanced and provide structured learning that will benefit the student. Each course has been designed to allow you to be able to trade succesfully to different levels. With the exception of Fast Track Trader they are delivered by live on screen trading education, so purely vocational and delivered by our head trader. There are tangible benefits from doing each course and you will learn more and more as you progress. There is something for everyone from basic trade setups and targeted profits, right through to being capable of becoming a full time trader.

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Our London Training Centre

Join us for our two day intensive training course. Learn how to take money out of the markets daily from day one.

Fast Track Trader

Our Fast Track Trader Course is a very intensive training course, spread over two full days and has been specifically designed to give you a very comprehensive training programme. You will be able to walk away with specific and powerful market setups and strategies to start trading the very next day and make very substantial profits. It will bring you up to speed with the fundamentals of trading and know your way around a trading platform. This course will create an immediate income for you as you put into practice the setups taught on the course. Each setup will be taught so it becomes second nature and you will be shown these on live markets.

The two days will be filled with the best knowledge you can get in the industry from a top performing head trader. This is not just classroom based learning, it will be fully interactive with real trades and setups shown on a trading desk that you will also action yourself during those two days. If you want to be a trader that learns all the intricacies of trading this is not for you, but if you want to learn how to make significant profits trading immediately, then this is the only course you will ever need to do. Once the course is over you will not be left on your own!!. We also provide after the course one month of after course support on skype to help you with any queries you may have.

Take a look at the syllabus that is only available through UKTA:-

  • Brokers and your trading account
  • Trading terminology
  • Platforms and MT4
  • Risk Management
  • Five setups for instant profit
  • Market movement and sentiment
  • The proven system
  • Setting up to take profits
  • Pulling it all together
  • Live trading session

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